mercredi 16 février 2011

Biography de Najat Aatabou

In Morocco, Berber Aatabou Najat, the star of the popular song châabi the kingdom of Mohammed VI, is a kind of letter of c? Heart 's? Inspiring "letters, many, I get women m? listen and tell me their problems. And I solve them singing.

"And what are the pains of women in Morocco?" As everywhere, of injuries? Love. Unfaithful husbands, homes, parallel lies. "How did this indefatigable player of words, aligning verses (in Arabic, sometimes in Tamazight, the? One of three Berber languages in Morocco) as a rapper from the Bronx, she translated these common injuries?" Well, for example j? got a song, Souerret (These keys are to whom?). The woman takes the husband's outfit, and reviews the key one after the other, the door? Entry, garage, office, and? One corresponds to nothing ... "

Women deceived, envious, never submitted such are those who dwell in? Universe of songs written by Najat Aatabou, which criticizes the "? Man who always lies," and inventing work meeting, or one who leaves his pregnant wife on the pretext that? child n? is not him. Incidentally, it s? 'Takes to master, and it's a tube, Shufi Ghirou (look for one another). Group flagship of? Opposition Moroccan Nass el Ghiwan, she said simply: "They, they make the song started." Wide brim hat, makeup flawless coat patterned panther walks of Najat Aatabou looks like a star, legitimately. Pregnant, "the lioness? Atlas" has temporarily abandoned her pantsuits in black leather, with the profit? A velvet gown surrounded by pearls. A few days? Back to the eye? Olympia, where she made her debut in 1984 French, Najat Aatabou back on a course who? Has led his hometown of Khemisset in the Middle Atlas, triumph. In 1981, Najat Aatabou sings in a wedding inspired by a song? A true story: one of her friends on a trip, and he returned her fiance died. "J? In'm tired, I? In'm sick," intones the young woman.

In? Meeting, secretly recorded a happy bootlegger voice vibrating Najat Aatabou. A few weeks later, alerted by radio and cassette pirates, the little Moroccan people humming the song of this unknown unknown face, name,? Identity. Najat hearing his voice by chance while shopping. His family too. "I don? Was not happy," she said today. I wanted to study, become a lawyer, but ... mektoub. I got sick, bedridden. J? Were terrorized by the reaction of my brothers. Sing, a woman was synonymous with bad life. "Najat took refuge in Casablanca, and signed a contract with the music publishing Hassania. Banished for over three years by her family, she made a song that my mother? Do j? Did it? Excuse me, c? Is the fate that separated us, that? It comes to resume a duet with Neneh Cherry. Najat Aatabou n? Is not strictly speaking a Chikha, traditional singer to free speech, to? Chikhates like the Middle Atlas. They embody a peasant tradition where the pace is set by the bendir and melody supported by the lute Lotar while Najat Aatabou in causing the diarrhea urban electrification and synthesizer accordingly.
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