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Biography de Marwan Khoury

Marwan Khoury (Arabic: مروان خوري ) is a singer / songwriter born February 3, 1968 in Lebanon. Renowned arranger, he has composed for the biggest names in music in the Arab world such as the great Majda Al Roumi , Saber Rebai , Assala Nasri , Najwa Karam and Elissa to name a handful.

Marwan Khoury studied musicology, music history and piano in 1986 at the University of the Holy Spirit of Kalik. He won several awards at the time he was still a student, including a composition prize he received at the hands of former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel himself.

In 1988, he produced himself one of his compositions "Kasak Habibi" and from 1989 to 1996, Marwan Khoury began his career as a keyboardist during which he will have the chance to play alongside several Lebanese celebrities.

At the same time, Marwan Khoury continues to compose his own songs with the title " Fik Yamma Balak " released in 1994 and became known in time as full-fledged singer. Thus, following a second single "Lasbor Ala Welah" in 1997 and 1999 he was recognized as a songwriter of talent for both tubes "Tia" and "Dalouna" that Khoury wrote and composed for the singer Nawal Zoghbi .

It was not until 2002 that Marwan Khoury finally releases his first album titled "Khayal El Omer" with his first music video for the song "Ya Shoq" which earned him win a gold in 2003 Murex.

"Kil Al Qassayed" in 2004, marks the beginning of Marwan Khoury in the production company Rotana. A second gold Murex assigned time as best singer / songwriter, best video and best album of the year for "Kil Qassayed Al" who was one of the best albums sold. It is interesting to note that the three clips from this album have been produced with the invaluable help of his brother Claude Khoury, artistic director.

In 2005, Marwan Khoury participated in the Festival International de Carthage in Tunisia. It is such a success that asking him again to come back for another show in 2008. Meanwhile, he produced his third full album "Qasr Al Shoo '" in 2006 which is also an immediate bestseller, proving once and for all, all the talent of Khoury.

The Opera House in Egypt welcomes him in 2007 for the Festival of Arab Music. The same year he won his third gold Murex "Ya Rab" voted best song of the year and record a duet with the artist Nihal Nabil on the song "Al Arab" . He also composed the title " Dawai " for the film " Awqat Faragher. "

His fourth album "Year Wi lleil "marks his first collaboration with Danny Khoury in 2008. It is once again the dedication and the song "Bitmoun" earned him a fourth gold Murex time best song of the year.

Known for a huge talent, a special sensitivity and unique style, Marwan Khoury continues its ascent in the industry with a new album 2010 " Raja3in " who came, again, on top of sales.
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